LICS 2005 - Short Presentation Submission Instructions

In order to submit a short presentation for LICS 2005 please use the URL

Note: this is not the URL used for submitting the extended abstracts for LICS proper. The submission page will not be opened until March 19th.

You should see a page with the header: Submission Page for LICS-05 (short presentations)

There are two zones: (1) Registered User and (2) New User. The first time you use the system you will have to use the New User fields. Shortly after that a password will be emailed to you. You can use this password to access the system thereafter as a registered user.

On this page you can enter the title, authors, contact author information, abstract and short paper (maximum of 2 pages). The abstract has to be under 500 words. It can be typed in directly or pasted in with a browser. You can submit new abstracts/short papers, resubmit previously submitted ones, or change information about authors.

In case of problems please send email to or

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