LICS 2006 Accepted Papers

The following papers (listed in random order) have been accepted at LICS 2006:

Thierry Coquand and Arnaud Spiwack. 
  Proof of strong normalisation using domain theory

Emil Kiss and Matthew Valeriote. 
  On tractability and congruence distributivity

Ugo Dal Lago. 
  Context Semantics, Linear Logic and Computational Complexity

Sharon Shoham and Orna Grumberg. 
  3-Valued Abstraction: More Precision at Less Cost

Dietrich Kuske and Markus Lohrey. 
  Monadic chain logic over iterations and applications to pushdown systems

Olivier Laurent and Lorenzo Tortora de Falco. 
  Obsessional cliques: a semantic characterization of bounded time complexity

Luke Ong. 
  On model-checking trees generated by higher-order recursion schemes

Lutz Schröder and Dirk Pattinson. 
  PSPACE reasoning for coalgebraic modal logic

Benoit Larose, Cynthia Loten and Claude Tardif. 
  A Characterisation of First-Order Constraint Satisfaction Problems

Giulio Manzonetto and Antonino Salibra. 
  Boolean algebras for lambda calculus

Guoqiang Pan and Moshe Vardi. 
  Fixed-Parameter Hierarchies inside PSPACE

Tachio Terauchi and Alex Aiken. 
  On Typability for Rank-2 Intersection Types with Polymorphic Recursion 
Thomas Ball and Orna Kupferman. 
  An Abstraction-Refinement Framework for Multi-Agent Systems

Nir Piterman. 
  From Nondeterministic Büchi and Streett Automata to Deterministic Parity Automata

Mariangiola Dezani and Makoto Tatsuta. 
  Normalisation is insensible to lambda-term identity or difference

Tomas Brazdil, Vaclav Brozek, Vojtech Forejt and Antonin Kucera. 
  Stochastic Games with Branching-Time Winning Objectives

Marcelo Fiore and Sam Staton. 
  A Congruence Rule Format for Name-Passing Process Calculi from Mathematical Structural Operational Semantics

Martin Otto. 
  The boundedness problem for monadic universal first-order logic

Mikolaj Bojanczyk and Thomas Colcombet. 
  Omega-Regular Expressions with Bounds

Laura Chaubard, Jean-Eric Pin and Howard Straubing. 
  First order formulas with modular predicates

Nir Piterman and Amir Pnueli. 
  Faster Solutions of Street and Rabin Games

Daniel Leivant. 
  Matching explicit and modal reasoning about programs: a proof theoretic delineation of dynamic logic

Jonathan Hayman and Glynn Winskel. 
  Independence and Concurrent Separation Logic

Filippo Bonchi, Ugo Montanari and Barbara K├Ânig. 
  Saturated Semantics for Reactive Systems

Mikolaj Bojanczyk, Anca Muscholl, Thomas Schwentick, Luc Segoufin and Claire David. 
  Two-Variable Logic on  Words with Data

Orna Kupferman and Moshe Vardi. 
  Memoryful Branching-Time Logic

Patricia Bouyer, Thomas Brihaye and Fabrice Chevalier. 
  Control in o-minimal hybrid systems

Anuj Dawar, Martin Grohe, Stephan Kreutzer and Nicole Schweikardt. 
  Approximation Schemes for First-Order Definable Optimization Problems

Daniele Varacca and Hagen Voelzer. 
  Temporal logics and model checking for fairly correct systems

Matthew Parkinson, Richard Bornat and Cristiano Calcagno. 
  Variables as Resource in Hoare Logics

Vineet Kahlon and Aarti Gupta. 
  An Automata-theoretic  Appraoch for Model Checking Threads for LTL Properties

Catuscia Palamidessi, Vijay Saraswat, Frank D. Valencia and Bjorn Victor. 
  On the Expressiveness of Linearity vs Persistence in the Asynchronous Pi-Calculus

Eldar Fischer, Frederic Magniez and Michel de Rougemont. 
  Approximate Satisfiability and Equivalence

Soren Lassen. 
  Head normal form bisimulation for pairs and the lambda-mu calculus

Dexter Kozen. 
  Coinductive Proof Principles for Stochastic Processes

Stephane Demri and Ranko Lazic. 
  LTL with the Freeze Quantifier and Register Automata

Alexis Maciel and Toniann Pitassi. 
  A Conditional Lower Bound for a System of Constant-Depth Proofs with Modular Connectives

Adam Barth and John C. Mitchell. 
  Managing Digital Rights using Linear Logic

Marcin Jurdzinski and Ashutosh Trivedi. 
  Average Time Games

LICS 2006 Accepted Short Presentations

The following short presentations (listed in random order) have been accepted at LICS 2006:

Julian Zinn and Rakesh Verma. 
  A Polynomial-time Algorithm for Uniqueness of Normal Forms of Linear Shallow Term Rewrite Systems

Aaron Hunter. 
  Non-Closure Results for First-Order Spectra

Detlef Kaehler, Ralf Kuesters and Thomas Wilke. 
  A Dolev-Yao-based Definition of Abuse-free Protocols

Guillaume Burel and Claude Kirchner. 
  An Abstract Completion Procedure for Cut Elimination in Deduction Modulo

Roberto Maieli and Paul Ruet.
  Interactive correctness criterion for multiplicative-additive proof-nets

Leona F. Fass. 
  A Logical Look at Agents' Problem-Solving on the Semantic Web

Jørgen Villadsen. 
  Nominalization in Intensional Type Theory

Murray Patterson, Yongmei Liu, Eugenia Ternovska and Arvind Gupta.
  Grounding for Model Expansion in k-Guarded Formulas

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