LICS 2006 Call for Short Presentations

Twenty-First Annual IEEE Symposium on 
August  12th - 15th, 2006, Seattle, Washington

The LICS Symposium is an annual international forum on theoretical and
practical topics in computer science that relate to logic broadly construed.  
LICS 2006 will be organized as part of the Fourth Federated Logic Conference 
(FLoC 2006) to be held in Seattle from August 10 to August 22, 2006. 
Visit for information regarding 
FLoC 2006 and the participating meetings.

As in the previous LICS meetings,
LICS 2006 will have a session of short (5-10 minutes) presentations.
This session is intended for descriptions of work in progress, student
projects, and relevant research being published elsewhere; other brief
communications may be acceptable. Submissions for these presentations,
in the form of short abstracts (1 or 2 pages long in IEEE 2-column
style file), should be entered  at the LICS 2006 submission site by 
21st April 2006 (see the submission instructions).
Authors will be notified of acceptance or rejection by 28th April 2006.

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Stephan Kreutzer and Nicole Schweikardt