LICS 2006 Submission Instructions

Style Files and Instructions for Preparing Extended Abstracts

Style files and instructions for preparing extended abstracts can be found here.

Paper Submission Site

The URL for submitting papers is This link will bring you to a page labelled Submission Page for LICS 2006.

There are two zones: (1) Registered User and (2) New User. The first time you use the system you will have to use the New User fields. Shortly after that a password will be emailed to you. You can use this password to access the system thereafter as a registered user.

On this page you can enter the title, authors, contact author information and abstract. The abstract has to be under 300 words. It can be typed in directly or pasted in with a browser. You can upload your paper (extended abstract) using the web page. Using this submission system you can manage your papers submitted to LICS 2006. You can submit new papers, resubmit previously submitted papers, or change information about authors.

Extended abstracts must be in postscript or pdf format.

The deadline for submitting titles and short abstracts is 3rd February 2006 by midnight EST (= 5am on 4th February, UST). Submission of a short abstract by this deadline is obligatory. The abstract will be used to make a first pass at allocating referees.

The deadline for submitting extended abstracts is 10th February 2006 by midnight EST (= 5am on 11th February, UST).

Kleene award:

Eligibility: To be considered for the Kleene award each coauthor of the paper should satisfy one of the following criteria:

  1. the author is a current student, or
  2. the author graduated recently (1 January, 2005, or later) and the submission is based on the author's work during student days (thus, a typical example of category 2 is a submission based on a PhD thesis finished during 2005)

Submission: To be considered for the Kleene award, submit the paper following the regular procedure on the LICS submission site, and send an email to the program chair with "LICS 2006 Kleene award" in the subject with a brief explanation regarding eligibility.

Technical Support

In case of problems please send email to the PC Chair


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