LICS 2010 Accepted Papers

The following papers have been accepted at LICS 2010:

Samson Abramsky.
Coalgebras, Chu Spaces, and Representations of Physical Systems

Arnon Avron, Ofer Arieli and Anna Zamansky.
On Strong Maximality of Paraconsistent Finite-Valued Logics

Vince Barany, Georg Gottlob and Martin Otto.
Querying the Guarded Fragment

Luis Barguno, Carles Creus, Guillem Godoy, Florent Jacquemard and Camille Vacher.
The Emptiness Problem for Tree Automata with Global Constraints

Massimo Bartoletti and Roberto Zunino.
A calculus of contracting processes

Michele Basaldella and Kazushige Terui.
Infinitary completeness in ludics

Manuel Bodirsky, Martin Hils and Barnaby Martin.
On the Scope of the Universal-Algebraic Approach to Constraint Satisfaction

Mikolaj Bojanczyk and Slawomir Lasota.
An extension of data automata that captures XPath

Christopher Broadbent, Arnaud Carayol, C.-H. Luke Ong and Olivier Serre.
Recursion Schemes and Logical Reflection

James Brotherston and Max Kanovich.
Undecidability of propositional separation logic and its neighbours

Thomas Colcombet and Christof Loeding.
Regular cost functions over finite trees

Thomas Ehrhard.
A finiteness structure on resource terms

Christian Eisentraut, Holger Hermanns and Lijun Zhang.
On Probabilistic Automata In Continuous Time

Joerg Endrullis, Dimitri Hendriks and Jan Willem Klop.
Modular Construction of Fixed Point Combinators and Clocked Boehm Trees

Jean Goubault-Larrecq.
Omega-QRB-Domains and the Probabilistic Powerdomain

Alessio Guglielmi, Tom Gundersen and Lutz Strassburger.
Breaking Paths in Atomic Flows for Classical Logic

Martin Grohe.
Fixed-Point Definability and Polynomial Time on Graphs with Excluded Minors

Yuguo He.
On the strictness of first-order prefix hierarchy over finite structures

Hugo Herbelin.
An intuitionistic logic that proves Markov's principle

Mark Jenkins, Joel Ouaknine, Alexander Rabinovich and James Worrell.
Alternating Timed Automata over Bounded Time

Patricia Johann, Alex Simpson and Janis Voigtlaender.
A Generic Operational Metatheory for Algebraic Effects

Magnus Johansson, Jesper Bengtson, Joachim Parrow and Bjoern Victor.
Weak Equivalences in Psi-calculi

Eryk Kopczynski and Anthony Widjaja To.
Complexity of Problems for Parikh Images of Languages

Marcin Kozik and Libor Barto.
New conditions for Taylor varieties and CSP

Stephan Kreutzer and Siamak Tazari.
Lower Bounds for the Complexity of Monadic Second-Order Logic

Dietrich Kuske, Jiamou Liu and Markus Lohrey.
The Isomorphism Problem On Classes of Automatic Structures

James Laird.
Game Semantics for a Polymorphic Programming Language

Cosimo Laneve and Antonio Vitale.
The Expressive Power of Synchronizations

Dominique Larchey-Wendling and Didier Galmiche.
The Undecidability of Boolean BI through Phase Semantics

Bastian Laubner.
Capturing Polynomial Time on Interval Graphs

Paul-Andre Mellies.
Segal condition meets computational effects

Stefan Milius.
A Sound and Complete Calculus for finite Stream Circuits

Martin Otto.
Highly Acyclic Groups, Hypergraph Covers and the Guarded Fragment   

Thomas Place and Luc Segoufin.
Deciding definability in FO2(<) (or XPath) on trees

Andrei Popescu, Chris Osborn and Elsa Gunter.
Strong normalization of System F by HOAS over FOAS

Nicole Schweikardt and Luc Segoufin.
Addition-invariant FO and regularity

Vincent Siles and Hugo Herbelin.
Equality is typable in Semi-Full Pure Type Systems

Sam Staton and Glynn Winskel.
On the expressivity of symmetry in event structures

Noam Zeilberger.
Polarity and the logic of delimited continuations

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