LICS 2010 Author Instructions for the Final Versions for the LICS 2010 Proceedings

Copyright form:

This IEEE copyright form specific to LICS 2010 is to be sent to Franz Baader by surface mail or FAX. Please DO NOT use another IEEE copyright form.

        Adress for surface mail:     Professor Franz Baader
(LICS 2010 copyright forms)
Theoretical Computer Science
TU Dresden
D-01062 Dresden
Fax number: +49-351-463-37959
Please indicate   Franz Baader, LICS 2010 copyright forms   on the cover page of your fax.

The deadline for RECEIVING the copyright form is April 15, midnight (GMT).
Make sure that the mailed or faxed copyright form is of good quality. The copyright form must be signed by one of the authors (one is enough).

Preparing and submitting the final version for the proceedings:

The final version of your paper should be:


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