LICS'97 accepted papers

LICS'97 accepted papers

William C. Rounds, Guo-Qiang Zhang
Complexity of Power Default Reasoning

Sergei Vorobyov
The "Hardest" Natural Decidable Theory

Oded Maler, Eugene Asarin, Paul Caspi
A Kleene Theorem for Timed Automata

Martin Hofmann, Thomas Streicher
Continuation Models are Universal for $\lambda\mu$-calculus

Leonid Libkin
On the Forms of Locality over Finite Models

Max Kanovich, Takayasu Ito
Temporal Linear Logic Specifications for Concurrent Processes

Pawel Urzyczyn, Jerzy Tiuryn, Mariangiola Dezani-Ciancaglini
Discrimination by Parallel Observers

Peter John Potts, Abbas Edalat, Martin Hötzel Escardo
Semantics of Exact Real Arithmetic

David Janin
Automata, Tableaus and a Reduction Theorem for Fixpoint Calculi in
Arbitrary Complete Lattices

Martin Grohe
Large Finite Structures with Few Lk-Types

Jean Goubault-Larrecq
Ramified Higher-Order Unification

Noaki Kobayashi
A Partially Deadlock-Free Typed Process Calculus

Igor Walukiewicz, P.S. Thiagarajan
An Expressively Complete Linear Time Temporal Logic for Mazurkiewicz Traces

Roberto Di Cosmo, Delia Kesner
Strong Normalization of Explicit Substitutions via Cut Elimination in
Proof Nets

Julian Rathke
Unique Fixpoint Induction for Value-Passing Processes

Franz Baader
Combination of Compatible Reduction Orderings that are Total on Ground Terms

Erich Grädel, Martin Otto, Eric Rosen
Two-Variable Logic with Counting is Decidable

Prakash Panangaden, Richard Blute, Josee Desharnais, Abbas Edalat
Bisimulation for Labelled Markov Processes

Leszek Pacholski, Wieslaw Szwast, Lidia Tendera
Complexity of Two-Variable Logic with Counting

Kousha Etessami, Moshe Y. Vardi, Thomas Wilke
First-Order Logic with Two Variables and Unary Temporal Logic

Nevin Heintze, David McAllester
On the Cubic Bottleneck in Subtyping and Flow Analysis

Jon G. Riecke, Anders Sandholm
A Relational Account of Call-by-Value Sequentially

Jean-Pierre Jouannaud, Adel Bouhoula
Automata-Driven Automated Induction

Hubert Comon, Florent Jacquemard
Ground Reducibility is EXPTIME-Complete

Iliano Cervesato, Frank Pfenning
Linear Higher-Order Pre-Unification

Igor Walukiewicz, Stefan Dziembowski, Marcin Jurdzinski
How Much Memory is Needed to Win Infinite Games?

Gordon Plotkin, Marcelo Fiore, John Power
Complete Cuboidal Sets in Axiomatic Domain Theory

Gordon Plotkin, Daniele Turi
Towards a Mathematical Operational Semantics

Fritz Henglein, Jakob Rehof
The Complexity of Subtype Entailment for Simple Types

Witold Charatonik, Andreas Podelski
Set Constraints with Intersection

Henrik Reif Andersen, Henrik Hulgaard
Boolean Expression Diagrams

Wolfgang Thomas, Oliver Matz
The Monadic Quantifier Alternation Hierarchy over Graphs is Infinite

Martín Hötzel Escardó, Thomas Streicher
Induction and Recursion on the Partial Real Line via Biquotients 
of Bifree Algebras

Dexter Kozen
On the Complexity of Reasoning in Kleene Algebra

Raymond McDowell, Dale Miller
A Logic for Reasoning with Higher-Order Abstract Syntax

Jim Laird
Full Abstraction for Functional Languages with Control

Marta Kwiatkowska, Michael Huth
Quantitative Analysis and Model Checking

Vincent Danos, Patrick Baillot, Thomas Ehrhard
Believe it or not, AJM's Games Model is a Model of Classical 
Linear Logic

Dominic J.D. Hughes
Games and Definability for System F