LICS'98 accepted papers

LICS'98 accepted papers

The LICS'98 program committee, consisting of

   Serge Abiteboul, INRIA		Eugenio Moggi, U Genoa
   Luca Aceto, Aalborg U		Tobias Nipkow, TU Munich
   Erich Graedel, RWTH Aachen		Luke Ong, Oxford U
   Edith Hemaspaandra, Lemoyne Coll	Doron Peled, Bell Labs
   Tom Henzinger, UC Berkeley		Vaughan Pratt, Stanford U (chair)
   Neil Immerman, U Massachusetts	Laurent Regnier, CNRS Marseilles
   Bengt Jonsson, Uppsala U		William Rounds, U Michigan
   Giuseppe Longo, CNRS - ENS		Alasdair Urquhart, U Toronto
   Dale Miller, Penn State

has selected the 43 papers listed below.

The Kleene Award for Best Student Paper will be given to 
Jean-Marie Le Bars for his paper "Fragments of existential
second-order logic without 0-1 laws".

Vaughan R. Pratt
LICS'98 Program Chair


Ofer Arieli and Arnon Avron
The Logical Role of the Four-Valued Bilattice

Marcelo F. Frias and Roger D. Maddux
Completeness of a Relational Calculus for Program Schemes

Hirofumi Yokouchi
Completeness of Type Assignment Systems with Intersection, Union, and
Type Quantifiers

Orna Kupferman and Moshe Y. Vardi
Freedom, Weakness, and Determinism: From Linear-time to Branching-time

Andrea Asperti
Light Affine Logic

Joachim Parrow and Bjorn Victor
The Fusion Calculus: Expressiveness and Symmetry in Mobile Processes

Jean-Marie Le Bars
Fragments of existential second-order logic without 0-1 laws.

Eugene W. Stark and Scott A. Smolka
Compositional Analysis of Expected Delays In Networks of Probabilistic
I/O Automata

Makoto Tatsuta
Realizability for Constructive Theory of Functions and Classes and Its
Application to Program Synthesis

Enno Folkerts
Invertibility in lambda-eta

Anil Seth
Inductively Ordering L^k(Q)-Types

Leonid Libkin
On Counting Logics and Local Properties

M. Fernandez and I. Mackie
Coinductive Techniques for Operational Equivalence of Interaction Nets

Hubert Comon, Paliath Narendran, Robert Nieuwenhuis and Michael
Decision Problems in Ordered Rewriting

Karen L. Bernstein
A Congruence Theorem for Structured Operational Semantics of Higher-Order

Anuj Dawar and Lauri Hella
Finite Variable Types with Generalized Quantifiers

Martin Grohe
Fixed-Point Logics on Planar Graphs

Marcelo Fiore and Kohei Honda
Recursive Types in Games: Axiomatics and Process Representation

L. Birkedal, A. Carboni, G. Rosolini and D.S. Scott
Type Theory via Exact Categories

John T. Baldwin and Michael Benedikt
Embedded Finite Models, Stability Theory and the Impact of Order

Phokion G. Kolaitis and Martin Otto
On the Boundedness Problem for Two-Variable First-Order Logic

Manfred Jaeger
Convergence Results for Relational Bayesian Networks

Thomas Eiter, Georg Gottlob and Yuri Gurevich
Existential Second-Order Logic over Strings

Josee Desharnais, Abbas Edalat and Prakash Panangaden
A Logical Characterization of Bisimulation for Labeled Markov Processes

Ramesh Viswanathan
Full Abstraction for First-Order Objects with Recursive Types and

Martin Mueller, Joachim Niehren and Ralf Treinen
The First-Order Theory of Ordering Constraints over Feature Trees

Gian Luca Cattani, Marcelo Fiore and Glynn Winskel
A Theory of Recursive Domains with Applications to Concurrency

Ian Mackie
Linear Logic with Boxes

Samson Abramsky, Kohei Honda and Guy McCusker
A fully abstract game semantics for general references

Jam Johannsen and Chris Pollett
On Proofs About Threshold Cicuits and Counting Hierachies

Martin Abadi, Cedric Fournet and Georges Gonthier
Secure Implementation of Channel Abstractions

Paul-Andre Mellies
A stability theorem in Rewriting Theory

D. Pavlovic and M.H. Escardo
Calculus in coinductive form

George C. Necula and Peter Lee
Efficient Representation and Validation of Proofs

Michele Boreale and Davide Sangiorgi
Bisimulation in name-passing calculi without matching

Andrei Voronkov
Herbrand's theorem, automated reasoning and semantics tableaux

Margus Veanes
The Relation Between Second-Order Unification and Simultaneous Rigid

F. Fages, P. Ruet and S. Soliman
Phase Semantics and Verification of Concurrent Constraint Programs

Claudio Hermida, Michael Makkai and John Power
Higher Dimensional Multigraphs

Witold Charatonic, David McAllester, Damian Niwinski, Andreas Podelski
and Igor Walukiewicz
The Horn Mu-calculus

E. Allen Emerson and Kedar S. Namjoshi
On Model Checking for Non-Deterministic Infinite State Systems

John Power, Toru Tsujishita and Hiroshi Wanatabe
An axiomatics for categories of transition systems and simulations

Luca de Alfaro
How to Specify and Verify the Long-Run Average Behavior of Probabilistic