Newsletter 19, October 4, 1994

  June 26-28, 1995, Lexington, KY, USA
* Topics.  Semantics for logic programs, default logic and its versions,
  modal non-monotonic logics,  non-monotonic rule systems, abduction,
  diagnosis, non-monotonic reasoning in databases, theory of updates and
  belief revision, constraint satisfaction, algorithms and
  complexity, implementations and applications.
* General Co-Chairs.  Victor Marek and Miroslaw Truszczynski, Department
  of Computer Science, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY 40506, USA.
  E-mail:,  Tel: +1-606-257-3961. Fax:
* Program Chair.  Anil Nerode, Mathematical Sciences Institute, Cornell
  University, 407 College Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850, USA, e-mail:, tel: +1-607-255-7752, fax:
* Program Committee.  Krzysztof Apt, Howard Blair, Pham Minh Dung,
  Michael Gelfond, Georg Gottlob, Anthony Kakas, Vladimir Lifschitz,
  Victor Marek, Anil Nerode, Luis Pereira, Teodor Przymusinski, Yehoshua
  Sagiv, V.S. Subrahmanian, Miroslaw Truszczynski, David Warren.
* Submissions.  Send four copies (double-spaced, 12 point font) of a full
  paper of 20 pages or less to Program Chair.

  August 22--25, 1995, Dresden, Germany.
* Ftp.  LaTeX and other versions of this Call for Papers are available
  via ftp here.
* Topics.  Algorithms and data structures, automata and formal
  languages, categories and types, computability and complexity,
  computational logics, computational geometry, foundations of system
  specifications, learning theory, parallelism and concurrency,
  rewriting and high-level replacement systems, semantics.
* Invited Speakers.  Preliminary list: L. Lovasz, S. Abramsky, L. Babai.
* Minisymposium.  "Specification of time-critical systems", one day, at
  the end of FCT'95.  Invited speakers (preliminary list): M.Abadi,
  J.Bergstra, M.Broy, Z.Chaochen.
* Conference Chairman. Horst Reichel.
* Program Committee. J. Balcazar, R.G. Bukharajev, Z. Esik, J. Gruska,
  T. Hagerup, H. Juergensen, M. Main, U. Montanari, E.-R. Olderog,
  T. Ottmann, G. Paun, H. Reichel, A. Slissenko, J. Tiuryn, P. Vitanyi,
  I. Wegener, P. Widmayer.
* Submissions.  Authors are invited to submit five copies of a draft
  paper to the Conference Chairman by December 19, 1994.
* Correspondence.  H. Reichel (FCT'95), Institut fuer Theoretische
  Informatik, Fakultaet Informatik, TU Dresden, Mommsenstr. 13, D-01062
  Dresden, Germany.  e-mail:  Tel:
  +49-351-4575-548.  Fax: +49-351-4575-348.
  August 21-24, 1995, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
* Ftp, WWW.  Plain text, dvi, and postscript versions of this Call For
  Papers as well as latest information on CONCUR '95 can be obtained
  electronically.  E-mail:  Ftp:
  ( -- pub/concur95.  WWW: here.
* Topics.  Submissions are invited in all areas of semantics, logics, and
  verification techniques for concurrent systems.  Potential topics
  include, but are not limited to, process algebras, Petri nets, true
  concurrency, shared-memory and message-passing formalisms, operational
  and denotational models, programming language semantics, probabilistic
  and real-time processes, hybrid systems, concurrent logic and
  constraint programming, fairness, temporal logics, compositional
  analysis techniques, and verification tools.
* Submissions.  Uuencoded dvi or postscript files should be e-mailed by
  March 1, 1995, to  When electronic
  submission is not possible (due, e.g., to lack of internet access),
  five (5) hardcopies of the paper should be sent to CONCUR '95, Attn:
  Scott Smolka, Dept. of Computer Science, SUNY at Stony Brook, Stony
  Brook, NY 11794-4400, USA.  telephone: +1 516 632 8453.  fax: +1 516
  632 8334.  Submissions should contain a draft of a full paper of no
  more than 15 typed pages, accompanied by a one-page abstract.
* Program Committee.  B. Bloom, R. Cleaveland, P. Degano, R. van
  Glabbeek, R. Gerth, S. Graf, J.F. Groote, C. Heitmeyer, T. Henzinger,
  L. Jategaonkar Jagadeesan, A. Jeffrey, I. Lee, co-chair, J. Parrow,
  A. Rabinovitch, D. Sangiorgi, S. Schneider, A. Skou, S. Smolka,
  co-chair, E. Stark, B. Thomsen, M. Young.

  Stephen Cole Kleene, emeritus professor at the University of
Wisconsin-Madison died on January 25, 1994. He was world-renowned for
his work in logic, particularly as the founder of recursion theory. He
was elected to the National Academy of Science in 1969; was awarded the
American Mathematical Society Steele Prize in 1983 for his seminal
papers of 1955 on recursion theory and descriptive set theory; and and
in 1990 won the National Medal of Science, the country's highest
scientific honour.
  Kleene was born in 1909 in Hartford Connecticut, received a Bachelor
of Arts degree from Amherst in 1930, and a Ph.D. from Princeton in 1934
under the tutelage of Alonzo Church. Kleene first came to Madison in
1935 as an instructor and in 1937 was promoted to assistant
professor. During the next several years he spent time at the Institute
for Advanced Study in Princeton, taught at Amherst College, and served
in the U. S. Navy, earning the rank of lieutenant commander during
World War II. He returned to Madison in 1946, was promoted to full
professor in 1948, and remained on the faculty for the remainder of his
career.  He became the C.C.  MacDuffee Professor in 1964.  He built a
widely accclaimed logic group in the Mathematics Department, and served
as chair of the Mathematics and Numerical Analysis (now Computer
Science) departments.  He also served as the Dean of the College of
Letters and Science during the years 1969 to 1974.
  The Mathematics Department has established a Stephen Cole Kleene
Memorial Fund in his honor. It is planned to have an invited Kleene
Lecture approximately once a year and to sponsor other activities which
Professor Kleene supported, such as scholarships and travel grants for
graduate students. His colleagues in the Mathematics Department welcome
your support in this endeavor and the support of your employer, should
it have a policy of matching funds.
* Contributions.  Contributions can be sent to Stephen Cole Kleene
  Memorial Fund, UW Foundation, 1848 University Ave., Madison, WI 53705.

  October 6, 1994, Eindhoven University of Technology, Netherlands
At the occasion of the publication of the book 'Selected Papers on
Automath' (Studies in Logic and the Foundations of Mathematics,
North-Holland, eds. R.P. Nederpelt, J.H. Geuvers and R.C. de Vrijer),
there will be a symposium at the Van Trierzaal, Bestuursgebouw,
Eindhoven University of Technology, on October 6, 1994.
* Program.  H.P. Barendregt: 'Two level reasoning for lean proof
  checking' .  G. Huet: 'Proof engine design'.  R.L. Constable: 'The
  influence of Automath on Nuprl'(preliminary title).  Presentation of
  the book 'Selected Papers on Automath' to N.G. de Bruijn, followed by a
* Participation.  Participation is free and registration is not
  necessary. Lunch reservations can be made to mrs. A. Bouten,
  tel. (0)40-474124, e-mail, Wsk&I, Eindhoven
  University of Technology, P.O. Box 513, 5600 MB Eindhoven, the
* Organizing Committee.  Herman Geuvers, Rob Nederpelt (Eindhoven
  University of Technology).