Newsletter 24, March 14, 1995

* In addition to the LICS home page at AT&T, there is now a home page
  for LICS'95 at UCSD.

  Sat. July 27 - Sat. August 3, 1996, Rutgers University, USA
* Participating Conferences.  The goal of FLoC is to battle
  fragmentation of the technical community by bringing together
  synergetic conferences that apply logic to computer science.  The
  following conferences are expected to participate in FLoC: CADE
  (Conference on Automated Deduction), CAV (Conference on Computer-Aided
  Verification), LICS (IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science), and
  RTA (Conference on Rewriting Techniques and Applications).
* Location.  DIMACS will host the meeting as part of its Special Year on
  Logic and Algorithms.  The meeting will take place at the College Avenue
  Campus of Rutgers University, downtown New Brunswick, New Jersey.
* Conference Committee. Rajeev Alur (CAV local arrangements chair), Leo
  Bachmair (RTA), Amy Felty (CADE), Douglas Howe (publicity chair), Jon
  G. Riecke (LICS, conference committee chair).
* Steering Committee.  Members of the conference committee plus Steve
  Mahaney (DIMACS) and Moshe Y. Vardi (steering committee chair).
  June 18-28, 1995, La Jolla, California, USA
* Participating Conferences.  Conference on Programming Language Design
  and Implementation (PLDI), June 19-21.  Symposium on Partial
  Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation (PEPM), June
  21-23.  Conference on Functional Programming Languages and Computer
  Architecture (FPCA), June 25-28.
* Associated Events.  Tutorials on programming language design, June 18.
  Workshop on language support for real-time systems, June 21-22.
  Haskell workshop, June 25.
* Further Information.  The advance program and registration
  information are available online via the WWW page, and via ftp from, directory /pub/DEC/sigplan95/.

* Note that LICS and FPCA (see above item) are being held on the same 
  days in La Jolla.

  September 22-29, 1995, Paderborn, Germany
* Topics.  The conference is intended for computer scientists whose
  research activities involve logic, as well as for logicians working in
  areas related to computer science.
* Program.  The scientific program consists of a tutorial on Finite
  Model Theory organized by H.-D. Ebbinghaus (Freiburg) with lectures by
  J. Flum (Freiburg) and E. Gradel (Aachen), September 22-24, and of
  invited lectures and contributed papers, September 25-29.  The
  conference will be immediately preceded by the workshop Higher--Order
  Algebra, Logic and Term Rewriting, HOA '95.
* Submissions.  Five copies of a draft of a full paper (5-12 pages) and
  twelve copies of a two page abstract to the chairman of the program
  committee, by May 1, 1995.  The preliminary version of the full paper
  to be submitted to the Proceedings volume (LNCS Springer Verlag)
  should be available at the conference.
* Program Committee.  S. Artemov, J. Bergstra, J. Bowen,
  H.-D. Ebbinghaus, G. Gottlob, E. Grandjean, J.-P. Jouannaud, H. Kleine
  Buning, S. Martini, W. Thomas, J. Tiuryn.
* Chair.  Prof. Dr. Hans Kleine Buning (CSL '95), FB 17
  Mathematik--Informatik, Universitat-GH Paderborn, 33095 Paderborn,
  Germany.  Email: Fax: +49 5251 60 3338.
* Grants.  For young scientists living at least one year in
  EU-countries.  For more information please contact the chair. The
  final application should be sent not later then May 1st, 1995.

  August 28 - September 1, 1995, Volterra (Pisa, Italy)
Graph Rewriting and Term Graph Rewriting is the focus of two Esprit
Basic Research Working Groups, COMPUGRAPH II and SEMAGRAPH II. They
have decided to organize their final workshop as a common initiative,
with the aim of presenting a coherent, detailed account of the
achieved results and their view of the state of the art in the
field. Contributions from outside the two Working Groups are actively
sought, especially if they relate to applications.
* Topics.  Foundations of graph rewriting: Unification, extension and
  completion of existing graph transformation theories; Foundations of
  term graph rewriting, typing, modularity, simulation; Concurrent
  Computing: operational semantics for various models of concurrent
  computing; Specification and Programming: rule-based specification
  languages, typing mechanisms, module constructs, applicability
  constraints, transactions; Relationship between term graph rewriting
  and other notions of graph transformation; Extensions of term graph
  rewriting to support control and limited notions of state, mapping of
  process calculi to extended term graph models, semantic-based
  transformation techniques for deriving control information
* Program chair.  Ugo Montanari, Dipartimento di Informatica,
  Universita' di Pisa, Corso Italia, 40, I-56100 Pisa,
* Program committe.  B. Courcelle, H. Ehrig, C. Hankin, D. Janssens,
  J.W. Klop, H.-J. Kreowski, L. Leth, U. Montanari, R. Plasmeijer,
  J.-C. Raoult, G. Rozenberg, R. Sleep.
* Submissions.  Electronic submission (PostScript only) of extended
  abstracts (up to 5 pages) is preferred; hard copy (5 copies required)
  will also be accepted, sent by courier mail to the PC chairman. In
  case of electronic submission a printed reference copy should be sent
  anyway bu express or courier mail. Each submission, both by ordinary
  mail and by e-mail, should be accompanied by a separate message to
  `' specifying a single postal and e-mail address
  for communication, complete title, author(s), affiliation(s) and 100
  word summary. The deadline for submissions is April 21, 1995.
* Further Information:

* Topic. "The Future of Spring Conferences on Theory and Practice of
  Software Science".  It is proposed to set up an annual joint
  conference, taking place in Europe each spring, and covering a wide
  range of topics in Software Science.  This will be a loose and open
  confederation of existing and new conferences and other events.  The
  overall aim is to create a popular annual meeting that will act as a
  strong magnet for academic and industrial researchers working on
  topics relating to Software Science.
* TAPSOFT.  TAPSOFT'95 takes place in Aarhus on 22-26 May 1995.
* Further Information.  For more information, including the full
  proposal and instructions on how to join the mailing list for
  discussion of the proposal prior to TAPSOFT'95, see the WWW page.

* Positions.  Six positions as researchers (before or after PhD).  The
  scientific background of the applicants should be in the area of 
  automated deduction.  The duration of these positions is limited from
  a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 12 months.
* Sites.  Technische Universitat Berlin, Technische Hochschule
  Darmstadt, Universitat Kaiserslautern, Universitat Karlsruhe,
  Technische Universitat Munchen, Universitat des Saarlandes,
* Applications. Please send your application with a CV (including a
  list of publications) and two letters of reference to the following
  address. Applicants must be nationals of a member state of the
  European community or an associated state, or natural persons resident
  in the community.  Express your preferences concerning sites, duration
  and beginning of the stay.  Prof. W. Bibel, Fachgebiet Intellektik,
  Technische Hochschule, Alexanderstr. 10, D-64283 Darmstadt.  Tel:
  +6151-162100.  Fax: +6151-165326.  Email:

  August 10-13, 1995, University of Southern Maine, Gorham, Maine
* Topics.  This conference series explores general topology with an
  emphasis on the connection between it and other areas of
  mathematics. This year, topology in computer science (especially
  domain theory and digital topology), in algebra (via valuation theory)
  and in topological and Lie group theory will receive particular
* Invited Speakers.  Zoltan Balogh, Peter Collins, Horst Herrlich,
  Jimmie Lawson, Stephen Watson, Ta-Sun Wu.
* Special Sessions.  Generalized Metrics and Metrizability: Gary
  Gruenhage, Ralph Kopperman, Sam Shore.  Set Theoretic Topology: James
  E. Baumgartner, Jerry E. Vaughan.  Topology in Computer Science: Jaco
  deBakker, Bob Flagg,, Yung Kong, Jan Rutten.
* Workshops.  Set Theory and Logic in Topology: Alan Dow.  Topology in
  Computer Science: Mike Mislove.
* Submissions.  Titles and abstracts for 25-minute contributed talks are
  due by June 15. These should not exceed 18 lines of (12-point)
  text. Send them (preferably in TeX, by e-mail) to:, or to Bob Flagg, at the address given below.
* Further Information.  Bob Flagg, U. of Southern Maine, Portland, ME
  04103.  Telephone: 207-780-4721.  Fax: 207-780-4933.  E-mail: