Newsletter 69

October 10, 2000
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* Calls for Papers
  ACM Sigplan Workshop on Continuations
  IEEE Computer Security Foundations Workshop
  Rewriting Techniques and Applications
  International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
  International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Law
* Conference Announcements
* Book Announcement
  The Automation of Reasoning: Collected papers on 
  automated theorem proving by J. Siekmann and G. Wrightson (eds)
* Position Announcements 
  Lecturer at the University of Swansea at Wales
  Chair in Theoretical Computer Science at Edinburgh University  
  Research Assistant at the Technical University Munich

  (affiliated with POPL 2001)
  Call for Papers
  London, January 16 - 19, 2001
* Theme: The notion of continuations is ubiquitous in many different
  areas of computer science, including category theory, compilers,
  logic, operating systems, programming, and semantics. Following on
  the 1992 and 1997 ACM SIGPLAN Workshops on Continuations, we are
  organizing a new workshop to provide a forum for the presentation
  and discussion of new results and work in progress aimed at a better
  understanding of the nature of continuations, the relation of
  continuations to other areas of logic and computer science, and
  exciting new applications of continuations in contexts such as
  mobile threads, simulation, distributed systems, graphical user
  interfaces, and education.  
* Participants wishing to give short formal presentations are asked to
  send a short abstract (less than four pages) to
  An informal proceedings will be distributed at the workshop and will
  be available subsequently as an Indiana University technical report.
  As for CW'92 and CW'97 a special issue of Higher-Order and Symbolic
  Computation dedicated to CW'01, will be planned afterwards.  
* Submission Deadline: October 1, 2000 * Program Committee: Dan
  Friedman (Indiana University), John Hatcliff (Kansas State
  University), Richard Kelsey (NEC Research Institute), Amr Sabry
  (Indiana University), Olin Shivers (Georgia Tech), Carolyn Talcott
  (Stanford University), Hayo Thielecke (University of Birmingham).

  Keltic Lodge, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada 
  June 11-13, 2001
  Call for Papers
* Theme. This workshop series brings together researchers in computer
  science to examine foundational issues in computer security.  We are
  interested both in new results in theories of computer security and
  also in more exploratory presentations that examine open questions
  and raise fundamental concerns about existing theories.  Both papers
  and panel proposals are welcome.
* Possible topics include, but are not limited to: access control,
  authentication, data and system integrity, database security,
  network security, distributed systems security, anonymity, intrusion
  detection, security for mobile computing, security protocols,
  security models, decidability issues, privacy, executable content,
  formal methods for security, information flow
* The proceedings are published by the IEEE Computer Society and will
  be available at the workshop.  Selected papers will be invited for
  submission to the Journal of Computer Security.
* Submission is open to anyone.  Workshop attendance is limited to
  about 40 participants.  
* Important Dates.
  Submission deadline:          February 1, 2001 
  Notification of acceptance:   March 16, 2001
  Camera-ready papers:          April 5, 2001
* Program Committee. Pierre Bieber, ONERA, France Ed Clarke, Carnegie
  Mellon University, USA Riccardo Focardi, University of Venice, Italy
  Dieter Gollmann, Microsoft Research, UK Li Gong, Sun Microsystems,
  USA Carl Gunter, University of Pennsylvania, USA Joshua Guttman,
  MITRE, USA Gavin Lowe, Oxford University, UK Teresa Lunt, Xerox
  PARC, USA Fabio Martinelli, IAT-CNR, Italy John McLean, Naval
  Research Laboratory, USA Ravi Sandhu, George Mason University, USA
  Andre Scedrov, University of Pennsylvania, USA Steve Schneider
  (chair), Royal Holloway, University of London, UK Rebecca Wright,
  AT&T Labs, USA

  Sea of Galilee, Israel
  May 22-24, 2001
  Call for Papers
* RTA 2001 solicits original papers on all aspects of rewriting,
  including applications, foundations, frameworks, implementations,
  semantics. There are four submission categories: 1. regular research
  papers describing new results, 2. papers describing the experience
  of applying rewriting techniques in other areas, 3. problem sets
  that provide realistic and interesting challenges in the field of
  rewriting, 4. system descriptions. Click the above URL for further
* Best Paper Award: A prize of 2001 NIS will be given to the best
  paper as judged by the program committee.
* Invited Speakers: Arvind (MIT), Henk Barendregt (University of Nijmegen)
* Important Dates:
  Submission:    December 4, 2000
  Notification:  February 2, 2001
  Final Version: March 1, 2001
* Program Committee: Zena Ariola, David Basin, Mariangiola Dezani,
  Philippe de Groote, Ian Mackie, Jose Meseguer, Aart Middeldorp (chair),
  Robert Nieuwenhuis, Enno Ohlebusch, Friedrich Otto, Christine Paulin,
  Sandor Vagvolgyi, Joe Wells

  Call for Papers / Tutorials / Workshops
  Siena, Italy, June 18 - 23, 2001
* Theme. The International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning
  (IJCAR) is the fusion of three major conferences in Automated
  Reasoning: CADE (The International Conference on Automated
  Deduction), TABLEAUX (The International Conference on Automated
  Reasoning with Analytic Tableaux and Related Methods) and FTP (The
  International Workshop on First-Order Theorem Proving). These three
  events will join for the first time at the IJCAR conference in Siena
  in June 2001.  IJCAR 2001 invites submissions related to all aspects
  of automated reasoning, including foundations, implementations, and
  applications. Original research papers and descriptions of working
  automated deduction systems are solicited.
* Submissions categories are 'Research papers and system
  descriptions', 'Short papers', 'Workshop Proposals' and 'Tutorial
  proposals'. Please visit the IJCAR web site for further information.
* Submission Deadlines (all in 2001): 
  January  1: Workshop proposals  
  January 14: Research papers and system descriptions
  January 15: Tutorial proposals 
    April  2: Short papers
* Organizers: 
  Conference Chair: Fabio Massacci (University Siena, Italy,
  Program Co-Chairs: Rajeev Gor'e (ARP-ANU, Australia),
     Alexander Leitsch (TU-Wien, Austria), Tobias Nipkow 
     (TU-M"unchen, Germany)                 
  Tutorial Chair: T. Walsh (York), 
  Workshop Chair: D. Hutter (Saarbr"ucken)
* Program committee: R. Alur (Philadelphia), F. Baader (Aachen),
  M. Baaz (Wien), B. Beckert (Karlsruhe), R. Caferra (Grenoble),
  R. Dyckhoff (St. Andrews), U. Furbach (Koblenz), D. Galmiche
  (Nancy), H. Ganzinger (MPI Saarbr"ucken), J. Goubault-Larrecq (INRIA
  Rocq.), R. H"ahnle (Chalmers), J. Harrison (Intel, Hillsboro),
  D. Kapur (New Mexico), H. Kautz (ATT, Florham Park), M. Kohlhase
  (Saarbr"ucken), Z. Manna (Stanford), P. Patel-Schneider (Bell Labs),
  F. Pfenning (Pittsburgh), A. Podelski (MPI Saarbr"ucken), W. Reif
  (Augsburg), G. Salzer (Wien), M. Vardi (Houston)

  St. Louis, Missouri, USA, 21-25 May, 2001
  Second Call for papers
* Submission deadline: January 12, 2001.
* Theme: The field of AI and law is concerned with:
  - the investigation of legal reasoning and argumentation using
    computational methods
  - applications of AI and advanced information technology to support
    tasks in regulated domains, especially for legal practice and 
  - the investigation of techniques from AI and advanced information
    technology using law as the example domain
* Invited Speakers: Kevin Ashley (Pittsburgh), Benjamin Grosof (MIT),
  Frederick Schauer (Harvard)
* Program chair: Henry Prakken (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)
* Program Committee: Vincent Aleven (Carnegie Mellon University, USA),
  Kevin D. Ashley (University of Pittsburgh, USA), Trevor J.M.
  Bench-Capon (University of Liverpool, UK), L. Karl Branting
  (University of Wyoming, USA), Rosaria Conte (CNR Rome, Italy), Anne
  Gardner (Stanford, USA), Thomas F. Gordon (GMD Bonn, Germany),
  Benjamin Grosof (MIT, USA), Carole D. Hafner (Northeastern
  University, USA), Jaap Hage (Maastricht University, The
  Netherlands), Peter Jackson (West Group, USA), Andrew J.I. Jones
  (University of Oslo, Norway), Steven Kimbrough (University of
  Pennsylvania, USA), Ronald P. Loui (Washington University, USA),
  L. Thorne McCarty (Rutgers University, USA), Anja Oskamp (Free
  Univ. Amsterdam, The Netherlands), Edwina L.  Rissland (University
  of Massachusetts, USA), Giovanni Sartor (Queen's Un. Belfast, UK /
  Bologna, Italy), Marek J. Sergot (Imperial College London, UK),
  Andrew Stranieri (La Trobe University, Australia), John Zeleznikow
  (La Trobe University, Australia)

  The Automation of Reasoning: 
  Collected papers on automated theorem proving
  (2 Volumes)
  J. Siekmann and G. Wrightson, editors
  Springer Verlag 1983
* Graham Wrightson offers several free copies of volume 2. If you
  would like one, then please email your full address to, and he will send it by snail mail. It
  may take up to several weeks to arrive depending on your
  location. First in, first served!

* Applications are invited for the vacancy of Lecturer in the
  Department of Computer Science.  The Department has a strong
  commitment to teaching and research in computing that is
  mathematically well founded.  It was awarded an Excellent in the
  1994 Teaching Quality Assessment and graded 4A in the 1996 Research
  Assessment Exercise.  Applicants should posses a PhD or equivalent
  in Computer Science or Mathematics and have an excellent personal
  research programme and research record with expertise in any field
  of Computer Science.  The post is permanent and available from the
  soonest date that can be arranged.  The salary will be on either the
  Grade A Scale, £18731 - £23256 per annum, or the Grade B Scale,
  £24227 to £30967 per annum.
* Informal enquiries may be directed to Professor J V Tucker, Head of
  Department on 01792 295649 email:
* Further particulars and application forms (2 copies) MUST be
  obtained from the Personnel Department, University of Wales Swansea,
  Singleton Park, Swansea, SA2 8PP to which department they should be
  returned by 27 October 2000.
* Email:

* The University invites applications for a Chair in Theoretical
  Computer Science, to be held within the Division of Informatics. We
  seek a candidate who will further develop the strengths of the
  Division and its Laboratory for Foundations of Computer Science
  (LFCS). Example areas of interest are logic and proof, concurrency,
  programming languages and semantics, complexity and algorithms and
  formal development of programs and systems. Applicants from other
  theoretical areas and applicants whose interests connect the theory
  of computation with other parts of informatics are also invited to
* In addition to outstanding strength in research and scholarship, the
  successful candidate should provide leadership and inspiration for
  fundamental research, encourage the integration of his/her own
  research with that of others and play an active role in teaching and
* See for
  further details.

  Theorem Proving for Java Card
  Research Assistant/PhD Vacancy
* The theorem proving group at the Technical University Munich is looking for
  a research assistant to join an EU-funded collaborative project focussing on
  the specification and verification of Java implementations for smart cards.
  The position offers exciting opportunities for scientifically challenging
  and industrially relevant research leading to a PhD.
* We seek a candidate with a strong background in one of the following areas:
  theorem proving, logic, semantics of programming languages,
  functional/logic programming
  who should like to work on the boundary between theory and practice.
  The appointment is initially for 33 months with a possible renewal.
  Starting date is negotiable within the next 6 months.
* Informal inquiries about the position may be addressed to ( Formal applications should
  be sent by e-mail or to the following address: Prof. Tobias Nipkow,
  Institut fuer Informatik, Technische Universitaet Muenchen,
  Arcisstraße 21, D-80290 Muenchen, Germany

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