Newsletter 81
October 21, 2002

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  LICS 2003 call for Workshop Proposals (Deadline November 1st)
  Incomplete Information: Structure, Inference, Complexity
    by Stephane Demri and Ewa Orlowska
  Papers on Time and Tense New Edition, Arthur N. Prior.
  Special Issue of Theor. Comp. Sci. - Domain Theory and Applications
  PhD Position at Kiel

IEEE Symposium On Logic In Computer Science 2003
  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, 22-25 June 2003
  Call for Workshop Proposals
* The Eighteenth IEEE Symposium On Logic In Computer Science will be held
  in Ottawa, Ontario from 22nd to the 25th of June 2003.  The organizers have
  made arrangements for pre- and post-LICS workshops to be run in conjunction
  with the main conference. Possible dates are 21st June and 26-27th June.
* Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit proposals for
  workshops on topics relating logic - broadly construed - to computer
  science or related fields.  Funding is available to help
  defray the costs of a *limited number* of workshops.
* For the required format of proposals see the LICS Website:
* Proposals are due Nov 1st 2002 and should be submitted electronically to:
  Prakash Panangaden, Workshops Chair LICS'03,
* The selections will be chosen by a committee consisting of Samson Abramsky
  (LICS General Chair), Phokion Kolaitis (LICS'03 Program Committee Chair),
  Prakash Panangaden (LICS Workshop Chair) and Phil Scott and Amy Felty
  (LICS'03 Conference Co-chairs).
* The results will be announced by Nov 15th 2002.

  Incomplete Information: Structure, Inference, Complexity
  by Stephane Demri and Ewa Orlowska
  Springer-Verlag, 2002, ISBN 3-540-41904-7
* This monograph presents a systematic, exhaustive and up-to-date
  overview of formal methods and theories for data analysis and
  inference inspired by the concept of rough set. The book studies
  structures with incomplete information from the logical, algebraic and
  computational perspective. The formalisms developed are non-invasive
  in that only the actual information is needed in the process of
  analysis without external sources of information being required.  The
  book is intended for researchers, lecturers and graduate students who
  wish to get acquainted with the rough set style approach to
  information systems with incomplete information.

  Papers on Time and Tense New Edition, Arthur N. Prior.
  Eds. Per Hasle, Peter Ohrstrom, Torben Brauner, B. Jack Copeland
  Oxford University Press, October 2002. 350 pages.
* New edition of Arthur N. Prior's book Papers on Time and Tense
* This book is the 2nd revised and extended edition of A. N. Prior's
  Papers on Time and Tense, which first appeared in 1968. Papers on
  Time and Tense was and is the seminal book on the foundation of the
  philosophy and logic of time, as well as the modern discipline of
  temporal logic.  The papers in this volume have been made
  accessible to modern-day readers by replacing the Polish notation
  of the original with standard logical notation. A number of papers
  by Prior have been added, as well as a new and comprehensive
  bibliography of Prior's work. The volume also contains an interview
  with A. N. Prior's widow, Dr. Mary Prior on the life and work of
* Readership: Researchers and graduate students in philosophy and logic,
  also linguistics and computer science.

  Domain Theory and Applications
  Call for Papers
* Domain theory has had applications to programming language semantics
  and logics (lambda-calculus, PCF, LCF), recursion theory
  (Kleene-Kreisel countable functionals), general topology (injective
  spaces, function spaces, locally compact spaces, Stone duality),
  topological algebra (compact Hausdorff semilattices) and analysis
  (measure, integration, dynamical systems). Moreover, these
  applications are related - for example, Stone duality gives rise to a
  logic of observable properties of computational processes.
* As such, domain theory is highly interdisciplinary. This year, two
  workshops devoted to the subject provided a forum where a large number of
  researchers from many different areas presented new ideas and surveyed
  past results (Copenhagen, July 20-21; Birmingham, September 16-19).
* With this call we are soliciting papers relating to Domain Theory in an
  essential fashion. Topics of interest include, but are not restricted to:
  program semantics, program logics, probabilistic computation,
  exact computation over the real numbers, lambda calculus, games,
  models of sequential computation, constructive mathematics,
  recursion theory, realizability, real analysis, topology,
  locale theory, metric spaces, category theory, topos theory, type theory
* Submissions are invited either in the form of surveys or of original new
  results. They should satisfy the usual standards of scholarship and
  high-quality of the TCS journal, as well as originality in case of recent
* To submit a research article or survey, send
  either a postscript file or a pdf file to
  or five (5) paper copies to  G. Rosolini, DISI, via Dodecaneso 35
  16146 Genova, ITALY
* DEADLINE: January 25, 2003
  Authors who intend to submit a paper are kindly asked to inform the
  editors in advance.

  Theory Group
  Institute of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
  Kiel University
* The position is for 2 years initially; extension is possible.
  The position is connected with a teaching duty (classroom exercise, ...)
  of 4 hours per week. A working knowledge of German is required.
* Rearch topics are foundations of verification, especially
  analysis of secure cryptographic protocols.
* For applications and further information please contact:
  Prof. Dr. Thomas Wilke (Email:

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