Newsletter 84
March  3, 2003

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  LICS 2003, Call for Short Presentations
  Workshop on Logic and Computational Linguistics, Call for Abstracts
  PPDP '03, Call for Papers
  Types 2003, Call for Talks, Demos and Participation
  FTP 2003, Call for Papers
  Workshop on Semantics and Verification of Hardware and Software Systems,
    Call for Papers
  Workshop on Formal Techniques for Java-like Programs, Call for Papers
  ICLP '03, Call for Contributions
  WAIT 2003, Call for Papers
  International Conference on Algebraic and Topological Methods in
    Non-classical Logics, Call for Papers
  Summer School on Foundations of security
  Research/Postdoc Psition at ENS Paris
  Proof theory mailing list

  June 22nd - 25th, 2003, Ottawa, Canada
  Call for Short Presentations
* The LICS Symposium is an annual international forum on theoretical and
  practical topics in computer science that relate to logic in a broad
  sense. LICS 2003 will take place in Ottawa, Canada, June 22-25, 2003
  and will feature invited talks, invited tutorials, and presentations
  of papers that will appear in the LICS 2003 proceedings.
  In addition, LICS 2003 will have a session of short (5-10 minutes)
  presentations. This session is intended for descriptions of work in
  progress, student projects, and relevant research being published
  elsewhere; other brief communications may be acceptable.
* Submissions for these presentations, in the form of short abstracts
  (1 or 2 pages long), should be entered by following the
  "Instructions for short presentations" link at the LICS 2003 website
  between March 17th and March 21st, 2003. Authors will be notified of
  acceptance or rejection by April 4th, 2003.
* Suggested, but not exclusive, topics of interest for submissions
  include: automata theory, automated deduction, categorical models and
  logics, concurrency and distributed computation, constraint
  programming, constructive mathematics, database theory, domain theory,
  finite model theory, formal aspects of program analysis, formal
  methods, hybrid systems, lambda and combinatory calculi, linear logic,
  logical aspects of computational complexity, logics in artificial
  intelligence, logics of programs, logic programming, modal and
  temporal logics, model checking, programming language semantics,
  reasoning about security, rewriting, specifications, type systems and
  type theory, and verification.
* Program Chair: Phokion G. Kolaitis, Computer Science Department,
  University of California Santa Cruz. Email:
* Program Committee: Michael Benedikt, Bell Laboratories; Andreas R. Blass,
  University of Michigan; Maria Luisa Bonet, UPC, Barcelona; Witold
  Charatonik, University of Wroclaw; Marcelo Fiore, University of Cambridge;
  Giorgio Ghelli, Universita di Pisa; Thomas A. Henzinger, UC Berkeley;
  Alan Jeffrey, DePaul University; Assaf J. Kfoury, Boston University;
  Phokion G. Kolaitis, UC Santa Cruz; Orna Kupferman, Hebrew University
  of Jerusalem; Ursula Martin, University of St Andrews; Paul-Andre
  Mellies, CNRS & University of Paris 7; Eugenio Moggi, Universita di Genova;
  Ugo Montanari, Universita di Pisa; Paliath Narendran, University at
  Albany SUNY; Luke Ong, University of Oxford & National University
  of Singapore; Martin Otto, University of Wales Swansea; Frank Pfenning,
  Carnegie Mellon University; Mirek Truszczynski, University of Kentucky.

  Affiliated with LICS'03
  Ottawa, June 26, 2003
  Call for abstracts
* The purpose of this workshop is for people in logic and
  computational linguistics to discuss the "state of the art" in our
  respective fields, with the intent of breathing a bit more vitality
  into the logical and mathematical approaches used in formal
  linguistics, and introducing logicians and computer scientists to
  problems in the empirical domain of natural language that might
  serve as the impetus for important theoretical work.  This will be
  an informal meeting, with no published proceedings. Abstracts of
  invited and contributed talks will be available on the workshop
* Invited speakers. Frank Pfenning and Mark Steedman.
* Organizers. Gerald Penn ( and Leonid Libkin
* Submission procedure. Email an abstract, not exceeding two pages,
  to one of the organizers. Deadline for submissions: March 31, 2003.
  Workshop program will be posted on April 15, 2003.
* ASL sponsorship. The workshop is sponsored by the ASL; consequently,
  student ASL members can apply for ASL travel funds; see for

  (sponsored by ACM SIPLAN, member of PLI'03)
  Uppsala, Sweden, 27-29 August 2003
  Call for Papers
* Themes: Logic and Constraint Programming; Functional Programming;
  Object-Oriented Programming; Concurrent Extensions; Mobile Computing;
  Integration of Paradigms; Proof Theoretic and Semantic Foundations;
  Program Design and Development; Type and Module Systems; Program
  Analysis and Verification; Program Transformation; Abstract Machines
  and Compilation; Programming Environments; and Application of
  Declarative Programming.
* All submissions made electronically via the conference web site.
* Submission Deadline: 29 March 2003, noon CET
* Program committee. Maria Alpuente (Univ. Politecnica de Valencia,
  ES), Alessandra Di Pierro (Univ. of Pisa, IT), Masami Hagiya
  (Univ. of Tokyo, JP), Fergus Henderson (Univ. of Melbourne, AU),
  Dale Miller, PC Chair (INRIA/Futurs, FR), Alberto Momigliano
  (Univ. of Leicester, UK), Benjamin Pierce (Univ. of Pennsylvania,
  US), C.R. Ramakrishnan (SUNY Stony Brook, US), Mario Rodriguez
  Artalejo (Univ. Complutense, ES), Amr Sabry (Univ. of Indiana, US),
  Konstantinos Sagonas, Conference Chair (Uppsala University, SW),
  Frank Valencia (Uppsala University, SW)

TYPES 2003
  Torino, April 30 - May 4, 2003
  Call for Talks, Demos, and Participation
* Types 2003 will be held in Villa Gualino, a peaceful Villa with park
  and a scenic viewpoint, located in the hills facing the centre of
  Torino, Italy, from April 30 to May 4.
* Topics include, but are not limited to: Applications of type theory,
  type theory and functional programming, industrial uses of type theory
  technology; meta-theoretic studies of type systems; iImplementation of
  proof-assistants, automation in computer-assisted reasoning;
  formalizing mathematics using type theory; constructivism and foundations
  of mathematics.
* Invited speakers include Per Martin-Lof and Frank Pfenning.
  More informations about the workshop can be found at:
* For more information see:
* Registration deadline: March 20, 2003

  (event of RDP'03)
  Valencia, Spain, June 12 - 14, 2003
  Call for Papers
* Theme.  Theorem proving in first-order classical, many-valued, modal
  and description logics, including nonexclusively: resolution,
  equational reasoning, term-rewriting, model construction, constraint
  reasoning, unification, description logics, propositional logic,
  specialized decision procedures; strategies and complexity of
  theorem proving procedures; implementation techniques and
  applications of first-order theorem provers to verification,
  artificial intelligence, mathematics and education.
* All submissions must be done electronically.
  Please email your submission to
* Submission Deadline: April 1, 2003
* Program committee. M. P. Bonacina (Verona), R. Caferra (Grenoble),
  I. Dahn (Koblenz, co-Chair), B. Gramlich (Vienna), P. Narendran
  (Albany), D. Plaisted (Chapel Hill), C. Ringeissen (Nancy), A. Rubio
  (Barcelona), J. Slaney (Canberra), T. Uribe (Menlo Park), L. Vigano
  (Zuerich), L. Vigneron (Nancy, co-Chair), C. Weidenbach
  (Saarbruecken), H. Zhang (Iowa City).

  Tel Aviv, Israel, MAY 20-22
  Call for Papers
* The workshop aims to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion
  of new ideas and results, recent developments, new research directions,
  as well as surveys on existing knowledge in semantics and verification
  of hardware and software systems.
* Prospective authors are invited to submit an abstract (up to three pages)
  describing innovative techniques, results or a survey addressing topics in
  the semantics or verification of hardware or software systems. Electronic
  submission in the form of postscript file can be send to
* Important dates:
    March 12, 2003: Deadline for electronic submission of papers
    March 30, 2003: Notification of acceptance of papers
* Invited speakers: Eugene Asarin (Grenoble); Daniele Beauquier (Paris 12);
  Mike Gordon (Cambridge); David Harel (Weizmann); Yoram Hirshfeld (Tel Aviv);
  Zohar Manna (Stanford); Oded Maler( Grenoble); Anca Muscholl (Paris 6);
  Amir Pnueli (Weizmann); Philippe Schnoebelen (LSV Cachan);
  Anatol Slissenko (Paris 12); Boaz Trakhtenbrot (Tel Aviv).
* Organizing committee: Gideon Ariely (Israeli Ministry of Science);
  Cindy Eisner (IBM Haifa); Orna Grumberg (Techion); Orna Kupferman
  (Hebrew University); Alexander Rabinovich (Tel Aviv University, Chair);
  Mooly Sagiv (Tel Aviv University)

  Darmstadt, Germany, July 21-25, 2003
  In conjunction with ECOOP 2003
  Call for Papers
* We solicit extended abstracts on new developments or interesting
  applications of formal techniques in the context of Java or similar
  languages, notably C#. Each submission should state a clear position,
  explain the technical background that motivates/supports this position
  (up to 7 pages).
* Send submissions by email to Peter Mueller ( by
  April 25, 2003

  (in conjunction with FSTTCS'03 and ASIAN'03)
  Call for Contributions
  Mumbai (Bombay), INDIA, 9 - 13 Dec, 2003
* Conference scope. Contributions (papers and posters)
  are sought in all areas of logic programming including:
  Theory (semantic foundations, formalisms, non-monotonic reasoning,
    knowledge representation, inductive logic programming)
  Language issues (constraints, concurrency, objects, coordination,
    higher order, types, modes, programming techniques)
  Implementation (compilation, memory management, virtual machines,
  Environments (program analysis, program transformation, validation
    and verification, debugging)
  Applications (deductive databases, software engineering, natural
    language, web tools, internet agents, artificial intelligence,
    molecular biology)
* Papers must describe original, previously unpublished research, and
  not be simultaneously submitted for publication elsewhere. They must
  be written in English and not exceed 15 pages in Springer LNCS format.
  Posters provide an excellent forum for presenting late-breaking or
  speculative work in an interactive and informal setting. Poster
  submissions are explicitly solicited.
  Submission details for papers and posters can be found on the
  conference webpage.
* Publication. The proceedings of the conference will be published
  by Springer-Verlag in the LNCS series.
* Submission deadlines: May 12, 2003 for papers; June 28, 2003 for posters
* Programme Committee: Bart Demoen, Agostino Dovier, Mireille Ducasse,
  Sandro Etalle, Moreno Falaschi, Maria Garcia de la Banda, Andy King,
  Kung-Kiu Lau, Catuscia Palamidessi (programme chair), Enrico Pontelli,
  German Puebla, Mario Rodriguez Artalejo, Francesca Rossi,
  Dietmar Seipel, R.K. Shyamasundar (conference chair), Zoltan Somogyi,
  Hudson Turner, Kazunori Ueda, David Scott Warren

  Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 1-5, 2003
  Call for Papers
* The Argentinian  Workshop on  Theoretical Computer Science  (WAIT) has
  become an important Latin American forum for the exchange of ideas and
  the presentation  of research in theoretical computer  science and its
  applications. The  workshop aims  are  to build  a  bridge  between
  academic and applied  research and to stimulate the  exchange of ideas
  and experience between theory and practise in computer science.
* The  meeting includes  contributed and  invited talks,  and tutorials.
  Further, we are very pleased to  announce that there will be a special
  issue of ENTCS ( dedicated to WAIT
  2003 publishing a selection of outstanding contributions.
* Submissions are welcome in all fields of Theoretical Computer Science.
* Submission deadline: May 4, 2003

  Tbilisi, Georgia, 7 - 11 July 2003
  Call for papers
* The aim of this conference is to present some recent advances in the
  use of algebraic, order-theoretic, and topological methods in
  non-classical logics. We also hope to bring together researchers
  in the fields of non-classical logics, lattice theory, universal
  algebra, category theory, and general topology in order to foster
  collaboration and to get new ideas for further research.
* Conference Topics: Lattices with operators, Topological semantics of
  modal logic, Topological and topos semantics of intuitionistic logic,
  Ordered topological spaces.
* Invited Speakers: Johan van Benthem, University of Amsterdam;
  Leo Esakia, Georgian Academy of Sciences; Mai Gehrke, New Mexico
  State University; John Harding, New Mexico State University;
  Ramon Jansana, University of Barcelona; Daniele Mundici, Milan
  University; Yde Venema, University of Amsterdam; Michael Zakharyaschev,
  King's College; Marek Zawadowski, University of Warsaw
* Call for papers: If you wish to speak at the conference, please send
  by email a title and abstract of your talk to Guram Bezhanishvili
  ( The deadline for submissions is 1 May. We will
  let you know by 15 May if you will be invited to speak at the conference.
  The deadline to register for the conference is 1 June.
* Location: Tbilisi State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
* Web Site:
* Important Dates:
    Submission deadline: 1 May 2003
    Notification of acceptance: 15 May 2003
    Registration deadline: 1 June 2003
    Conference: 7 - 11 July 2003
* Program Committee: Guram Bezhanishvili; Patrick Morandi; Willem Blok;
  Roberto Cignoli; Josep Maria Font; Dick de Jongh; Larisa Maksimova;
  Hiroakira Ono; Rohit Parikh; Lazare Zambakhidze.
* Organizational Committee: Merab Abashidze; Nick Arevadze;
  Nick Bezhanishvili; David Gabelaia; Revaz Grigolia;
  Giorgi Japaridze; Mamuka Jibladze; Ioseb Khutsishvili;
  Dimitri Pataraia; Levan Uridia.
* Organizing Institutions: New Mexico State University; Tbilisi State
  University;  Georgian Academy of Sciences.
* This conference is part of the activity of a grant funded by the Civil
  Research Development Fund and the Georgian Research Development Fund.
* For further information, contact Guram Bezhanishvili
  ( or Pat Morandi (

  Eugene, Oregon, USA, June 16 - 27 , 2003
* The summer school on the Foundation of Security
  is a two week course for computer scientists and mathematicians
  interested in formal methods applied to software security.
  The program runs from Monday, June 16 to Friday, June 27, 2003.
* Graduate students who wish to attend should send an application
  consisting of a short description of their educational background
  and one letter of reference to
  We anticipate making available a number of grants to cover travel and
  lodging costs for qualified graduate students.

* A research position for one or two years is available Ecole
  Normale Superieure in Paris. This position is opened in the
  context of an European project on formal models for mobility and
  security. It will correspond to the position of an average
  CNRS's CR2 researcher, that is, the retribution of a young tenure
  researcher with few years of post-doc career.
* Applicants should have (or expect soon to have) a Ph.D. and
  justify experience with at least one of these themes:
    concurrency, process calculi and mobility
    type systems
    static analysis
    formal methods for language-based security
    XML documents transformation languages
* For application and further information please contact Giuseppe
  Castagna ( and consult the following
  pages: and

  For more information and a list of subscribers see:

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