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  Call for Participation
  July 10-14, 2007, Wroclaw, Poland
* The LICS Symposium is an annual international forum on theoretical and 
  practical topics in computer science that relate to logic broadly construed.
  LICS 2007 will be colocated with International Colloquium on Automata, 
  Languages and Programming (ICALP 2007), 9th-13th July 2007, and ASL European
  Summer Meeting (Logic Colloquium 2007), 14th-19th July 2007.
* Registration is now open.
* Important dates:
   - May 15th 2007: Book your hotel before May 15th; it will be extremely 
       difficult to find a room after that.
   - May 31st 2007: Early registration discount expires.
* Invited Speakers: Thomas Hales (University of Pittsburgh), 
  Martin Hyland (Univ. of Cambridge), Phokion Kolaitis (IBM Almaden Research 
  Centre), Gordon Plotkin (Univ. of Edinburgh), Michael Rabin (Harvard Univ. 
  and Hebrew Univ.), Colin Stirling (Univ. of Edinburgh)
* Detailed information can be found on the webpage.

  Call for Papers
  June 11-13, 2007, Beijing, China
* The PODS symposium series, held in conjunction with the SIGMOD
  conference series, provides a premier annual forum for the
  communication of new advances in the theoretical foundation of
  database systems.  For the 26th edition, original research papers
  providing new insights in the specification, design, or implementation
  of data management tools are called for.
* Topics that fit the interests of the symposium include the following
  (as they pertain to databases): algorithms; complexity;
  computational model theory; concurrency; constraints; data exchange;
  data integration; data mining; data modeling; data on the Web; data
  streams; data warehouses; distributed databases; information
  retrieval; knowledge bases; logic; multimedia; physical design;
  privacy; quantitative approaches; query languages; query optimization;
  real-time data; recovery; scientific data; security; semantic Web;
  semi-structured data; spatial data; temporal data; transactions;
  updates; views; Web services; workflows; XML.
* Important dates:  Abstract submission due: 28 Nov 2006;
  Paper submission: 5 Dec 2006; Notification: 26 Feb 2007

  Parameterized Complexity Theory
  by Jörg Flum and Martin Grohe
  Springer Verlag 2006, 493 Pages
  ISBN: 3540299521
* Parameterized complexity theory is a recent branch of computational
  complexity theory that provides a framework for a refined analysis of hard
  algorithmic problems. The central notion of the theory, fixed-parameter
  tractability, has led to the development of various new algorithmic
  techniques and a whole new theory of intractability.
* This book is a state-of-the-art introduction into both algorithmic
  techniques for fixed-parameter tractability and the structural theory of
  parameterized complexity classes, and it presents detailed proofs of recent
  advanced results that have not appeared in book form before. Several
  chapters each are devoted to intractability, algorithmic techniques for
  designing fixed-parameter tractable algorithms, and bounded fixed-parameter
  tractability and subexponential time complexity. The treatment is
  comprehensive, and the reader is supported with exercises, notes, a detailed
  index, and some background on complexity theory and logic.
* Further information can be found at

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