Workshop chair: Patricia Bouyer.

Sunday 18 June:

  • LMW: Logic Mentoring Workshop. Room V1.02. Anupam Das, Valeria Vignudelli, Fabio Zanasi.

Monday 19 June:

  • WiL: Women in Logic. Room M1.02. Valeria de Paiva, Amy Felty, Anna Ingolfsdottir, Ursula Martin.
  • LearnAut: Learning and Automata. Room M1.03. Borja Balle, Leonor Becerra-Bonache, Remi Eyraud.
  • INFINITY: 19th International Workshop on Verification of Infinite-State Systems. Room M1.04. Dmitry Chistikov and Christoph Haase.
  • LOLA: Syntax and Semantics of\ Low-Level Languages. Room M1.05. Matija Pretnar, Noam Zeilberger.
  • LCC: Logic and Computational Complexity. Room M1.08. Norman Danner, Anuj Dawar, Isabel Oitavem, Heribert Vollmer.
  • Metafinite model theory and def\ inability and complexity of numeric graph parameters. Room M1.09. Andrew Goodall, Janos A. Makowsky, Elena V. Ravve.